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Hi Greg,


You have asked the million dollar question, though the answer is not nearly that lucrative.


The answer is that different radio manufacturers decide how they are going to display the RDS information to the user.  The main visible fields in RDS are the PTY code, which is your station’s format, which in your case is Religious Music.  Then there is the PS field which is an 8 character field that ‘originally’ was supposed to be static and identified your station.  You might have seen LIVE 105, or BBC-3 or FROG FM.  Then there is the Radio Text field that is up to 64 characters and was designed to be dynamic with artist and song title or station contact information.


I have a Ford F150 which only shows the PTY and PS fields.  There is nothing I can do (believe me I’ve tried) to display the Radio Text Field.  My daughter-in-law has a Subaru.  When she first tunes to a station it shows the PS field and then after 5 seconds or so it shows the Radio Text data.  There is no way to go back and show only PS without retuning the station.


Because of these ‘issues’ with different radios and how the radio manufacturer decided to display the RDS info, broadcasters are mixed on what they send to each field.  Some broadcasters send the data to the PS field, some to the Radio Text field and some send it to both.


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I'm trying to figure out why older cars can view our RDS information on their radios with scrolling song and artist data, but newer vehicles with RDS don't show anything but this..... "Religious Music" and our wesbite, no scrolling info?

Am I missing something?


We use an Inovonics 1730 for RDS.    Thoughts???




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